G.E. Invests in Powering India with a Specially Designed Low Wind Turbine

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Low Wind Turbine  – ( www.solarthermalmagazine.com ) Wind Power India with a Specially Designed Low Wind Turbine General Electric has just announced that they have completed the design of a specially engineered wind turbine for operation in India. Called the 1.7.-103 this brand new wind turbine engineered in Bangalore ,India is said to operate most efficiently in India’s low wind speed environment. The design allows for a 56% increase in swept area which provides a 30% increase in electricity production compared to the previous model. The turbines 103 meter rotor allows for greater energy capture and better project economics. Banmali Agrawala, President & CEO, GE South Asia commented on the announcement.

The launch of our new wind turbine 1.7-103 once again is a testament to GE’s commitment to energizing India and catering to India’s low wind speed environment. Our latest offering underscores the company’s effort to provide localized solutions to India. As GE’s latest wind turbine for India’s low-wind speed, the 1.7-103 offers performance and reliability that exceeds industry standards. With the 1.7-103, GE has invested in powering India in a cleaner way.

G.E . attributes India’s vision of a self sufficient localized energy infrastructure as providing the demand for such a program and product. India is rapidly increasing its power generation using renewable energy. Renewables now constitute to over 5% of India’s energy mix by production and 12% by installed capacity. The cost of wind power in particular is now close to grid parity and advancement in technology is making its generation more predictable.

A 100MW wind farm powered by 1.7-103 turbines can generate electricity required to fulfill the needs of 413,000 Indian homes per year and offset carbon emissions of 291,000 TCO2 per year. The new turbine is manufactured in India.

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