Egypt Announces a Giant 1 Billion Dollar Solar Project as Part as Next Phase of Solar Scale Up

Solar Scale Up - Egypt
The country is in need of establishing development projects to offer more job opportunities for youths

Solar Scale Up – Egypt ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Egypt is one of the world’s most populated counties and has some of the highest greenhouse gas emissions. A report from the World Bank back in 2012 which features an interview with Development Minister Adel Labib describes the country as being in the sunbelt with only 9 or 10 days a year with low sunlight.

The Development Minister Labib stated then that :

The country is now try to reverse this by diversifying and cleaning it’s electric power production.

The video report shows construction of a concentrated parabolic solar thermal power plant.

A recent report out of Egypt is further indication that they have indeed decided to capitalize on their vast solar resources withan  announcement last week that they would be implementing a “giant project ” estimated to cost on the order of one billion dollars. The announcement came as in the 2012 World Bank report  from Local and Administrative Development Minister Adel Labib.

The minister’s remark came during the inauguration of a conference organized by Alexandria’s Chamber of Commerce on Saturday April 26th,2014.

The country is in need of establishing development projects to offer more job opportunities for youths, Labib said, adding that

Egypt has natural mineral resources that have not been used yet.

We look forward in the days to come to learning more of the details of this ” Giant Project” and applaud the Egyptian government for setting a clear clean energy objective for the country.

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