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Solar thermal magazine Onshore Tidal Energy Turbine Testing in Hangzhou in the People’s Republic of China

Solar thermal magazine Onshore Tidal Energy Turbine Testing in Hangzhou in the People’s Republic of China

Tidal energy project china

London – Atlantis Resources Limited (“Atlantis” or the “Group”), a vertically integrated turbine supplier and project owner in the tidal power industry, announces that it has reached agreement with Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co. Limited (“Dongfang”) for the execution of onshore tidal turbine testing in Hangzhou in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”). 

It is intended that the testing programme will be carried out prior to the deployment, later this year, of the Group’s 1MW AR1000 turbine at an offshore demonstration project in Zhejiang Province, developed by the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (“CECEP”).  The AR1000 will be the first commercial scale tidal stream turbine to be deployed in the PRC and is expected to be a key milestone in the growth of the domestic tidal power sector.

This follows the announcement last month that Atlantis has formally commenced a detailed design and systems integration agreement with Lockheed Martin to develop the Group’s most advanced tidal turbine, the 1.5 megawatt AR1500.

Atlantis and Dongfang have a strategic agreement for the development of tidal power, including the provision of low cost supply chain solutions for mass production of the Group’s AR1500 turbine, and cooperation to stimulate the tidal power market in the PRC.  Additionally, Atlantis and Dongfang are now expanding this relationship and have executed a memorandum of understanding for the appointment of Atlantis as a sales agent for Dongfang’s related products in markets outside the PRC.  This agency agreement will encompass Dongfang’s traditional hydropower, pumped storage and tidal range technology solutions, and reflects Dongfang’s recognition of Atlantis’s capabilities in global project development and market origination.

Highlights of the strategic relationship with Dongfang include:

  • Agreement on the onshore testing programme for the AR1000 turbine destined for deployment at the first full scale tidal power project in the PRC;
  • Cooperation on supply chain solutions for the AR1500 turbine when it enters mass production; and
  • Agreement for Atlantis to conduct business development activities for Dongfang’s non-tidal stream products outside the PRC

Dongfang is a significant player in the emerging Chinese tidal power market and is facilitating the introduction of commercial scale tidal power projects in the PRC by, for example, making use of its new state of the art turbine testing facility in Hangzhou.  Dongfang is wholly owned by Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited, which is listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai.  As one of the PRC’s largest and most established manufacturers of electro-mechanical equipment, it produced more than 35,000MW of generating capacity across its nuclear, steam, hydro and wind businesses in 2011 alone.  Dongfang’s capability in, for example, manufacturing permanent magnet generators, will be a significant advantage for Atlantis as its AR1500 tidal turbine enters production.

Tim Cornelius, Chief Executive of Atlantis, said:

This extension to our worldwide strategic partnership with Dongfang is significant for Atlantis given the potential size of the Chinese tidal power market.

As well as helping to develop our supply chain and identify sales and project development opportunities in China, the agency agreement will have a near-term positive impact on our cash flows as we will receive a commission on the sale of any product or service secured by Dongfang from an Atlantis initiated opportunity.

 This further underlines Atlantis’s position as one of the leading players in the emerging global tidal power sector and allows Atlantis to make use of its global network to seek new sales opportunities in new markets including traditional hydro and pumped storage.

Solar thermal magazine Onshore Tidal Energy Turbine Testing in Hangzhou in the People’s Republic of China Tags: Asia, china

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