The Paths to Achieving Global Energy Savings with LEDs – May 29, 2014

Energy Savings with LEDs

Energy Savings with LEDs.

Jade Sky Technologies (“JST”), a clean-tech start-up manufacturer of LED driver ICs with best-in-class dimming at the best value, announces that Jade Sky Technologies CEO, Mr. David Chen will be participating as a panelist for “The Paths to Achieving Global Energy Savings with LEDs” discussion at the “The Future of Lighting Forum“, co-sponsored by the Monte Jade Science & Technology Association and Cooley LLP

With LED lighting, consumers should not have to sacrifice comfort or convenience to save energy.  Legislative support for more energy-efficient lighting has given LED manufacturers and investors a rare opportunity to transform the way we light our homes, workplaces, and recreational spaces.

The panelists will talk about how they are contributing to lighting technology developments that move us forward on the paths toward global energy savings.

  1. Dr. Michael Siminovitch – Director of the California Lighting Technology Center, Associate Director of the Energy Efficiency Center, Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency, and Professor in the Department of Design at UC Davis
  2. David Thayer  – Sr. Product Manager, Lighting for PG&E
  3. David Chen – CEO and Co-founder of Jade Sky Technologies, Inc.
  4. Robert Holman – Technical Director of Commercial Lighting for Qualcomm

Moderator: Reuben Chen – Partner, Cooley LLP
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Date:  Thursday May 29, 2014
Location:   Cooley LLP- 3175 Hanover Street Palo Alto, CA  94304-1130
Agenda:  5:30PM to 9:30PM Light refreshments will be provided.  Networking & demos of great LED lighting products.
Presentation:  “Choosing the Right Light” by Dr. Michael Siminovitch of California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis.  Learn five things to look for to find the right LED lighting for your needs.
Panel discussion: “Paths to Achieving Global Energy Savings with LEDs”

About Jade Sky Technologies, Inc.
Jade Sky Technologies ( was founded in 2010 in Silicon Valley by a group of highly experienced power-IC and power-system designers. The founding mission was to bring simplicity back to lighting for the end consumer by making a true retrofit LED bulb possible. Holding many patents, JST manufactures LED driver chips with unsurpassed dimming performance at unsurpassed value. By focusing on a superior end-user experience, JST helps to enable the mass adoption of LED lighting.

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