Buffalo Watt Selected by New Wave Energy Corp.

New Wave Energy
Buffalo Watt today announces that it has been selected by New Wave Energy Corp. to deliver its Converged Energy Platform – Retail Energy.

Buffalo, NY, May, 2014 – Buffalo Watt this month announced that it has been selected by New Wave Energy Corp. to deliver its Converged Energy Platform – Retail Energy. The platform is a complete back-office, software-as-a-service to operate and manage a retail energy supply company.

New Wave Energy will enhance their customer experience and drive operational efficiencies by utilizing the Customer Information, EDI, Meter Data Mgmt., Forecasting, Billing, Cash & Credit Mgmt. and Sales & CRM features of the platform. The integrated platform will consolidate services across the business, providing New Wave Energy with a 360-degree view of its customers.

“By utilizing an integrated platform, New Wave Energy will gain insights to improve service quality levels and drive business growth,” said Jim Schuster, Director of Sales for New Wave Energy.

Additionally, the flexible Billing features will allow us to create innovative product offerings that will benefit our customers and New Wave Energy.

About New Wave Power Corp.
New Wave Energy was founded in 2009 as a licensed provider of electricity and natural gas in various deregulated states with particular expertise in the New York markets.

Under the leadership of its principal officers, New Wave Energy quickly established itself as a reputable Retail Energy Provider (REP) and supplier of low-cost electricity and natural gas services to commercial and residential customers throughout deregulated states. New Wave Energy continues its mission of innovation and product development to better serve its customers and to maintain a competitive edge.

About Buffalo Watt
Buffalo Watt believes in thinking differently about Energy Management.

Narrowly-focused energy supply, demand management and energy efficiency solutions are incomplete. While many of these solutions do successfully manage narrow energy goals, they miss out on the exponentially larger energy management and savings opportunities that exist when energy management is addressed holistically.

Buffalo Watt delivers a simple, intuitive, cloud-based Converged Energy Platform that addresses energy management differently. It holistically manages energy supply, demand and efficiency.

For more information about Converged Energy, please visit: buffalowatt.com

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