Rotating Solar Cells Researchers Looking for Backers

The purpose of this video is to interest scientists, engineers, and students in undertaking research of the direct use of rotating solar cells to produce energy from the sun. This is based on our resarch program on solar energy over the past several decades. Solar cells while spinning and producing power are unique in various respects. First, the applications can be utilized in many different sciences and branches of engineering including mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, astronomy, space travel, and a greater understanding of bodies in motion in general.

The benefits for mankind and human welfare around the world cannot be overstated. Since we have developed the science of spinning solar cells, the promise of energy to reach each home and person on this planet has become a reality like hybrid cars and other hybrid energy developments. Perhaps most important is how inexpensive the equipment is to enchance wind turbines, moving vehicles, and so many other mobile, unfixed devices too numerous to mention. Sunshine is available to us all and is quite inexpensive! ALL of our food and fuel have been made possible by the sun’s energy, and if distributed in the hybrid applications we present, are able to grant each and every person enough power generation to take the human population to new levels of development.

The study of mobile solar photovoltaic cells and their applications awaits mankind. The future is mating you, and and ready for your inputs. Rotating solar photovoltaics at high RPM’s cools the cells and makes them more efficient at peak sunlight loads. We incorporate spinning solar cells at high velocity on wheels, wind turbines, and other hybrid power applications.

We have not been given much financial support even tho’ the need
for these applications has never been greater. Please support our efforts in the use of solar energy by funding our products and making solar hybrid rotational energy available to the economically less developed countries. Solar energy does not require any transportation because of its direct use, and is the most green, renewable form of energy available. Our patents are granted and we seek licensees and funding.

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