WMECo Helps Schools Earn Money While Promoting Energy Efficiency

Springfield, Mass – One-hundred percent profit for a school holding a fundraiser is practically unheard of—but that’s exactly what Springfield’s Zanetti School will earn as the latest local school taking part in WMECo’s Energy Efficiency Fundraiser.

“Teaching our children the value of saving energy and being smart about their energy use is an important lesson,” said Bill Stack, WMECo’s Energy Efficiency Spokesperson.

We hope these students will take what they learn during today’s program and, together with their parents, put it into action in their daily lives.

Since its inception this fundraiser has pumped tens-of-thousands of dollars into local schools with the school deciding how it wants to spend the money raised.

WMECo’s light bulb fundraiser has been helping schools for 3-years. For instance the Roberta G. Doering School in Agawam not only raised $11,000 that will bring special enrichment classes and field trips to the school, but also achieved nearly 4,000,000 kilowatt- hour annual energy savings within its community. And Cheshire Elementary School raised more than $9,500 by selling enough products to save 2.5 million kWh and $500,000 in energy costs—within the community over the life of the light bulbs that were sold.

Public and private schools in WMECo’s service territory, grades K-8, can call WMECo Program Manager Tony Fornuto at (413) 787-9329 for more information.

Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECo), a Northeast Utilities company (NYSE:NU), transmits and delivers electricity to 210,000 customers in 59 cities and towns. For more information, please visit our website:, like us on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter @wmeco.

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