Greenpeace Celebrates 22 Years of Presence in Brasil

With over two decades in Brazil, Greenpeace celebrates birthday with advances, victories and challenges that continue to face.

On Saturday, April 26th, Greenpeace turns 22 years of presence in Brazil. It is a time for celebration, but also to reflect on what has been achieved so far and what paths we want to walk in the future.

In more than two decades of history, we had advances and victories, but challenges still exist.Although levels of deforestation have decreased rates are still alarming. Even with hiring record of wind power in 2013, the government provides only 3% of investments in the sector for renewable energy. Brazil needs more fuel efficient vehicles, and invest in electric car technology to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from the transportation sector.

Also remember this birthday and the best you can offer to Greenpeace this date so special is its support. Ask the Fiat, Chevrolet and Volskwagen, automakers sell more cars in the country, adopt latest technologies in their cars. Sign the petition and share on social networks.

This gift is not just for Greenpeace, but for all, can come in other ways. You can help Brazilian forests remain standing , protecting the Arctic and ask for the creation of an international shrine in the region and still defend the forests of Indonesian deforestation.

Celebrate with us and join us in these 22-year history.




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