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Energy Efficiency Policy uk

British businesses depend on global trade and resources. Factors such as climate change and a growing world population result in more pressure on energy, natural resources and the wider environment. The British government would like to see more sustainable businesses and states that UK businesses could save up to GBP23 billion a year by using resources such as energy, water and natural materials more efficiently. By rolling out an energy efficiency policy in Q2, Mazonai want to set a positive example for other British businesses.

A Mazonai spokesperson says:

We have seen very positive reactions after announcing this green policy, internally as well as externally.Mazonai have decided to do something good for the environment. Furthermore, going green benefits British businesses in many ways. “The three main advantages of promoting the new green policy are expected cost savings, an increase in customers and financial support including tax breaks”, says the firm’s Managing Director,Most businesses have a high usage of electricity for heating, cooling, lighting and using equipment.

“Switching off electrical equipment when out of use and the lights when we are not in a specific area of the office will make a significant difference. We realised in the past two weeks that there were plenty of occasions when we had the chance to save energy, during lunch breaks for example or when we were all together in the same meeting room”, says MD, Ausra Mazonaite.

“In the past, we used to leave the light and equipment switched on in each office even though we would all be in the conference room for two hours.” The firm expects to reduce energy costs by at least 15% until the next review at the end of Q2. 

About Mazonai:

In addition to that, Mazonai state that being an environmentally conscious business, they will attract new customers, stakeholders and clients. From the ethical point of view, more and more consumers prefer doing business with environmentally responsible companies. Furthermore, according to HSBC, an increasing number of investors and lenders prefer to finance firms that meet their ethical and environmental criteria as they believe that ‘green’ businesses are likely to perform better financially.

Further benefits for environmentally conscious companies are different taxes and schemes designed for different kinds and sizes of businesses. HSBC states that by applying for those schemes, businesses can reduce tax. Expenditure on energy saving or water conservation plant and machinery for example qualifies for 100% first-year capital allowances which leads to increased cash flow by allowing to set the entire cost against the firm’s taxable profit. 

Mazonai say that their newly implemented energy efficiency policy has left a very positive impression and everyone is committed to do something good for the environment. In addition to switching off electronic equipment when out of use, Mazonai choose to work with suppliers that collect packaging for reuse. The firm uses recycle paper and prefers electronic communication over paper. Furthermore, Mazonai have recently purchased recycled office furniture and instigate an ongoing search for ‘greener’ products and services in the local community.

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Mazonai Ltd, a startup firm in Luton, UK, specialises in event marketing, a method that allows them to engage with their clients’ customers directly. They represent their current clients using a number of event venues, including shopping centres, trade shows, fashion shows and train station displays.

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