Solar Thermal Parabolic Mirror Manufacturing in China is Catching Up

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Just in time for MENASOL 2014 in Dubai – where Rayspower is a sponsor & exhibitor – the China-based company has completed an initial test report on parabolic trough mirrors together with the DLR in Germany. In a recent announcement, CSP mirror manufacturer, Rayspower, challenged veteran mirror manufacturers, saying that they can offer lower costs for CSP mirrors, with similar performance. According to latest test reports from the DLR (CSP), a number of Rayspower’s samples showed superior optical accuracy and durability. “Since the first order was shipped to a pilot project in China in June 2013, we are increasing the specifications of the optical Focal Deviation (FDx) of our product on a daily basis. Currently the FDx is lower than 6.9mm on average, with a reflectivity of above 94%”, says Wang Zhen, Manager of Oversea Business Development from Rayspower. China is still a workshop of the world with incredible economies of scale and a highly developed cross sector infrastructure (for example, huge raw glass manufacturing capacity in China is closely linked to mirror manufacturers). “I see no reason why anyone in Europe or any other developed market would manufacture components locally if they were available from China as it would always be cheaper”, says Wang. Rayspower is a sponsor and will be exhibiting at MENASOL 2014 in Dubai.

Now that full operation of our manufacturing facilities and internal test lab are ready, along with the QDec measurement system equipped for online testing to assure the quality of the products delivered, the DLR lab tests are an essential step to verifying our products”, Wang says.

We would like to offer complete test reports and free samples at the request of customers. Meanwhile, we are ready to have independent third-parties assigned or recognized by owners & EPCs, to make comprehensive reviews of our manufacturing & quality control procedures and stability, as well as further technical reviews & verifications of our products in a real demo project.

About Rayspower As the professional solution provider for solar power plants in the Chinese CSP market, Rayspower has grasped key technology and various patents for the solar field in the CSP sector. It has established long-term cooperation with world famous scientific research institutions and outstanding enterprises. With superior technology and professional talents, Rayspower is becoming one of the most influential CSP companies in China. Based on the demands from different customers, Rayspower can provide the full set CSP solar field solutions for domestic customers, including solution design, key components RP1, RP2, RP3&RP4 mirrors & metal structures supply, engineering & construction, O&M and technical training. For more information, please visit: – See more at:

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