Landfill Solar Energy Cover: A Twofer for Earth Day

This is an incredible idea!  Please note that the the title for this video on YouTube is incorrect.  The video is actually about the world’s largest landfill solar energy cover  at Republic Services’ Hickory Ridge Landfill near Atlanta. The 7,000-solar panel, 10-acre project was the recipient of a $2 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant and is now generating more than 1 megawatt of electricity per year, enough to power 224 homes. 

The cover, a Spectro PowerCapTM made by Carlisle Energy Services (CES), is a new dual-purpose landfill closure system that allows a landfill owner to close a landfill and also generate renewable electrical power.

The system features Carlisle’s three-ply, scrim-reinforced GeoTPO Geomembrane that serves as both the closure system and platform for integrated solar photovoltaics. GeoTPO was developed exclusively for Exposed Geomembrane Solar Cap (EGSC) or Exposed Geomembrane Cap (EGC) applications as both a long-term and final landfill closure solution.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, there are about 100,000 closed landfills in the United States, which could potentially represent hundreds of thousands of acres of property that could be used for renewable energy development. Many of these landfills are close to urban areas and have infrastructure in place to deliver solar and other forms of alternative energy economically.


Source: PRNewswire, Republic Services, Carlisle Energy Services

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