Advancing Universal Access to Sustainable Modern Energy

Sustainable Modern Energy

Panelists: Alex Doukas (Research Analyst, Sustainable Finance Program, World Resources Institute), Vrinda Manglik (Associate Campaign Representative, International Clean Energy Access, Sierra Club), Dan Schnitzer (Founder and Executive Director, EarthSpark International), Reinhard Reichel (Senior Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation), Richenda Van Leeuwen (Executive Director, Energy and Climate, Energy Access Initiative, UN Foundation), CHAIR: Elizabeth Bast (Managing Director, Oil Change International)
Sponsors: Sierra Club, Oil Change International, Bank Information Center

Poor people lack access to the most basic energy services, particularly in Africa and Asia. Supporting the goal of ‘universal access to sustainable modern energy’ by 2030 requires an increased emphasis on off-grid, micro-grid, and mini-grid renewables, as outlined in the IEA’s 2011 ‘Energy for All’ report. MDBs can be an important part of this shift, but improved metrics are needed to measure how energy financing is reaching those currently without access.

This panel explored: current MDB financing for energy access, particularly decentralized renewables; the role of entrepreneurs in the success of energy access initiatives; current efforts to expand energy access for the poor; and possible measurements of success.

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