Skyfuel’s Parabolic Solar Thermal SkyTrakker System Keeps Optimal Position

track the sun with solar parabolic solar thermal power

SkyTrakker provides the local electronics that control and direct a trough’s movement by determining the optimal position for the collector based on calculating the sun’s position. The SkyTrakker represents a step-change in features, reliability and life-cycle costs of control units for parabolic trough power plants.

SkyTrakker is a critical component of SkyFuel’s product design and it is also available to the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) industry for use in parabolic trough projects. SkyFuel, in partnership with the Helac Corporation, have combined the SkyTrakker with a customized L30 helical, hydraulic rotary actuator to make the OnSun tracking, control and drive system.


  • Advanced Health Monitoring – Capability to monitor and diagnose the solar collector performance and drive system operation
  • Green Power Consumption – Reduced parasitic losses; half the power usage of prior generation control systems
  • Variable Frequency Drive Motor – Controls the startup of the hydraulic pump motor, limits inrush current, delivers the most precise sun tracking and reduces electricity consumption.
  • Flexible Communications – Network wired (RS-485) and/or wireless (2.4GHz RF) and Local PC control (USB).
  • Flexible Electrical Power Inputs – Accepts from 110VAC to 220VAC single or three-phase.
  • Easy Installation – The entire system is comprised of only two major elements for quick mounting and connection.

The combination of these features provides a trouble-free parabolic trough tracking system resulting in reduced operating costs and greater power production.


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