The World’s Largest Solar Powered Hospital

A new hospital in Haiti has officially opened. It is said to be “the world’s largest solar powered hospital.” The establishment is massive, however it boasts a minimalist design.

It features an astounding 1800 solar panels on the white roof. The Hopital Universitaire de Mirebalais is situated about 30 miles away from the country’s capital. In this area, power outages are very common, usually leaving residents without electricity for an average of three hours per day.

The over 200,000 square foot facility houses about 300 beds. The building was designed and developed to produce more energy than it will need to consume for operations.

To make the project even more sustainable, the unused energy will be put back into Haiti’s national power grid.

The director of construction stated “The challenge was in the design and engineering, and getting the solar power produced to mesh with the often unstable grids and the backup generators. At each step of the way, we were attempting things that had never before been done.”

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