Solergy Talks about Concentated Solar PV and Thermal Energy Development

Sanjay Karwa, BOD Member at Solergy Inc.-Italy spoke with Exhibitors TV Network during their participation at World Future Energy Summit 2014 held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre — UAE.

He shared that Solergy offers both electricity-only (CPV) or electricity + thermal energy systems (Cogen CPV), developing and constructing solar solutions for a wide range of customers. Solergy has created the next generation of high concentrated photovoltaic technology providing the highest efficiency and energy production of any solar energy system at a competitive price.

They have developed CPV & Cogen CPV at no added cost to customers; Solergy offers its patented cogeneration technology, which utilizes the heat released during electricity production to generate even more power. This additional energy source enables Solergy Cogen CPV™ to serve a variety of applications that are beyond the reach of traditional PV like Hot water; Air conditioning; Industrial process heat (food, wine, textile industries); Water desalination and Space heating.

Solergy Cogen CPV™ harvests more valuable energy from the sun than any other photovoltaic or solar energy system. The system offers up 3x more electric equivalent energy output than traditional PV panels. For more information, please visit

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