A New High-Efficiency Purely Organic Dye in Partnership with KaïronKem

More than a year ago, KaïronKem and Solaronix launched a collaboration to investigate a new range of purely organic pigments for the sensitization of photo-anodes in Dye Solar Cells. Thanks to the expertise of KaïronKem in supplying high-quality organic compounds and Solaronix’ continuous R&D efforts in the field of Hybrid and Dye Solar Cells, a new purely organic sensitizer named RK1 has been found to yield outstanding performances.

RK1 Chemical Structure

Solaronix is now the official KaïronKem distributor of KaïronDyes™ Sensitizer RK1. We are delighted to offer our customers the latest advances in high-efficiency purely organic sensitizers for Dye Solar Cells.

TiO2 Absorption Spectra

Nature Scientific Reports recently published an article (doi:10.1038/srep04033) describing red-orange colored Dye Solar Cells sensitized with RK1 that reached a 10.2% power conversion efficiency in full sun. This record-breaking performance was most notably obtained using a standard iodide/tri-iodide based electrolyte, a simple yet desirable configuration that has only surpassed the 10% barrier with classical ruthenium dyes.

IV Plot

What’s more, RK1 shows very good performances in combination with non-volatile ionic liquid electrolytes. Power conversion efficiencies of up to 7.3% were achieved with no measurable performance degradation after 2000?hours under standard light soaking conditions at 65°C.

Stability Plot

It is not by chance that the winning combination of high-efficiency, stability, and compatibility with existing electrolytes propelled RK1 to be used in the world’s first multi-colored Dye Solar Cell facade produced by Solaronix for EPFL’s prestigious new congress center.

KaïronDyes™ Sensitizer RK1 is available on our webshop today, as well as a detailed Application Note describing its typical usage in Dye Solar Cells.

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