WEU Onshore Wind O&M Strategies Report 2014

Global Information Inc. announces the addition of a new market research report “WEU Onshore Wind O&M Strategies Report 2014” at GIIResearch.com

Cost effective O&M strategies to minimize downtime and maximize wind energy yield

As pressure mounts to provide the world with more sustainable sources of energy, wind power is seen by many as having a critical role in the energy mix. Wind energy is already claimed to be cost-competitive with fossil fuel-based energy generation in some countries, and is forecast to reach parity in many other markets by the end of this decade.

O&M has an important part to play in the cost-effectiveness of wind operations. Research for the report shows that the wind energy industry has many opportunities to improve, particularly in terms of collaboration, making better use of available technologies and adopting appropriate O&M strategies:

  • O&M strategies analyzed: find out how predictive, preventative and reactive strategies compare in terms of costs and impact on reliability
  • In-house O&M vs. OEMs vs. Independent service companies: understand the pros and cons of each so you can choose the best option for your wind energy assets
  • Exclusive data on failure rates: get access to statistical analysis on failure rates based on 18 years of data collected from more than 12GW of wind turbines
  • Benchmark against other wind energy operators: find out how operators across the globe are approaching O&M and compare your operations to theirs

Table of Contents

List of Figures List of Tables Executive Summary Methodology

  1. O&M in the global wind energy market
  2. Mapping the O&M landscape
  3. O&M costs and performance
  4. Component reliability: Failure rates, causes, financial impact and solutions
  5. O&M strategies and routes to improvement
  6. Concluding remarks

Abbreviations Glossary Bibliography Appendix

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