Discover the New Solar Impulse 2 Plane With Altran

To commemorate the official unveiling of the Solar Impulse 2(completely solar powered plane) , Altran is offering viewers the opportunity to discover Bertrand Piccard’s new plane in a special “behind-the-scenes” programme to be broadcast on on Thursday, 10 April at 1.00 pm, Paris Time (UTC +2 hours). This programme will also be available in replay.

Altran is devoting a special “Career*” programme on dedicated to the event, to enable viewers to experience the Solar Impulse 2 adventure in the company of the Group’s three experts**. The Solar Impulse 2 TV special comprises several features, notably:


Discover the event and everything leading up to it from behind the scenes in the presence of the two Solar Impulse pilots and cofounders, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg.


Get an insight into the technological challenges confronting Solar Impulse 2: How was the plane designed? What type of technologies were required to enable the solar plane to meet this extraordinary challenge of completing a night and day round-the-world flight, on solar power alone?

Guided tour

Take an exclusive guided tour of the plane hosted by the two pilots.

At the end of the programme, Altran will be unveiling the first images from « Mission Altran, The Solar Impulse Experience », a large-scale simulation game to be launched shortly onFacebook.

* “Career” is an online TV show devoted to recruitment and which provides engineering career opportunities within the Altran group around the world.

** Altran’s experts, the “Innovation Makers” Christophe Béesau, Javier Soto and German Porras Alonso de Celada.


Source: PRNewswire

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