WindTamer Low Wind Speed Turbines

Rooftops are practical settings for WindTamers due to their virtually silent, vibration-free technology. Since they can function at both low and high wind speeds, WindTamers can be placed in more settings than traditional wind turbines.

The WindTamer patented diffuser system uses both the “push” and “pull” of the wind. The wind pushes the blades to start rotating, like traditional turbines. The diffuser system augments the wind by creating two vacuums – one behind the blades and another behind the turbine – which pull the wind through the blades. The two vacuums help pull the air through more quickly, thus turning the rotors faster and creating more power. The vacuum enables the turbine to use nine shorter, lighter blades instead of three larger, heavier ones. That enables WindTamer turbines to start producing power at much lower wind speeds, and at greater efficiency at lower speeds, than traditional turbines.

WindTamers patented technology produces more than double the power of traditional wind turbines for a faster return on investment. The turbines are practical for more Settings. The vibration-free turbines work well in a wider range of winds and heights, enabling them to be used in places such as rooftops and residential neighborhoods. They are an environmentally and socially responsible product.

The turbines not only provide green energy, they are also silent, safe for birds and only as tall as a flag pole. Learn more at

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