Sungrow’s Solar PV System Solution Passed TÜV Certification

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Hefei, China, April, 2014

Recently, megawatt integrated container solution SG1000TS developed by Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., has passed the Rheinland TÜV Certification, which makes it become the first leading product of PV system access solutions that obtained the certification in China.

Rheinland TÜV Certification is committed to making evaluation and assessment on product safety, availability, environmental adaptability, etc., and provides product safety and quality certification. The certification is a worldwide recognized authoritative proof of products with high quality, safety and reliable performance due to its strict and comprehensive inspection process.

It is reported that megawatt integrated container solution SG1000TS that passed the certification this time is a solution which Sungrow launched on the market in the second half of 2013. The program adopts the appearance of standard 10-feet container. The equipment covers an area of 7 square meters only, which makes the forklift conduct the transport and installation conveniently and flexibly; side door design allows for convenient equipment installation and maintenance; at the same time, it is equipped with patented structure of air inlet and outlet and efficient integrated heat dissipation design, which ensure effective dustproof and heat dissipation. The program successfully passed the third-party’s harsh environment tests of alternating high-and-low temperature and humid heat, waterproof and dustproof and so on, as well as passed all the certification tests as required by Rheinland TÜV Certification.

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“SG1000TS is a 1 MW overall container solution, integrating two sets of 500kW inverters as well as power distribution, monitoring, security and other components from DC to AC sides. Combining the efficiency and reliability of high power products and meeting grid access requirements with convenient container transport and winter installation, SG1000TS merely has no damage to the surrounding environment compared with the cement and masonry-concrete structured machine rooms, thus ensures pollution-free recycling after 25 years. The product has been launched on the market since the second half of 2013 and used widely in the desert land and the distributed power stations all over the country with good market response, making it become the new benchmark for the industry. ” Guibiao Zheng, VP of Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. said, “Passing the Rheinland TÜV Certification means that international authorities recognize the design and technology of SG1000TS. It plays a positive role in overseas market development and domestic market status consolidation of our PV system solutions which based on core inverter products.”


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