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California Energy Commission Approves First Wave of Proposition 39 Energy Expenditure Plans

SACRAMENTO – The California Energy Commission approved the first set of energy expenditure plans for projects that will be funded by the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Proposition 39). Schools in Alameda County, Temecula and Salinas will be able to use tens of thousands of dollars for classroom and school facility energy efficiency upgrades and clean energy projects.

“Proposition 39 injects millions into California’s schools to upgrade aging heating, air and lighting systems,” said Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.

School-by-school, these investments will boost energy efficiency, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Local education agencies (LEAs), including county offices of education, school districts, charter schools, and state special schools, are eligible for funding. A total of $381 million is available for the first fiscal year of the Proposition 39 program. Schools can request funding for energy projects by submitting an energy expenditure plan application to the Energy Commission. LEAs have the option to receive part or all of their first-year award allocation for energy planning purposes.

The first schools to get their plans approved will receive the following amounts from California’s Department of Education for their energy projects:

  • Temecula Valley Charter School requested $50,783 to replace its Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system
  • Temecula Preparatory Academy requested $50,979 to replace its HVAC system
  • Alameda County Office of Education requested $28,140 to fund interior and exterior lighting retrofits
  • Santa Rita Union Elementary School District requested $115,438 to replace its HVAC system and fund interior and exterior light retrofits

“Optimizing energy use in schools can save them money and improve the learning environment for students,” said Energy Commissioner Andrew McAllister. “The Commission’s goal is to enable schools to identify good projects and put together a plan, and then expedite the funding approval so construction can begin.”

To help schools through the application process, the Energy Commission developed easy-to-use energy savings calculator tools for simple energy projects and applications. Schools can apply for funds using these online resources ( and get advice by calling the toll-free hotline: (855) 380-8722.

“The Commission’s online energy savings calculators and other planning tools helped most of these applicants develop their plans for Commission approval,” said McAllister.

The Energy Commission is the lead agency for Proposition 39 implementation and is working collaboratively with the California Department of Education, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, California Public Utilities Commission, California Workforce Investment Board, the Division of the State Architect, and the California Conservation Corps.

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