Stuff Hotel to Add Solar Panels to Self Storage Facilities

stuff hotel solar panels

Stuff Hotel plans to spend $150,000 to add solar-panel systems to its self-storage facilities in Corpus Christi, Denton and Pleasanton, Texas. Three years ago, the company hired Austin, Texas-based Self Reliant Solar to install a 28-kilowatt solar array at its San Antonio facility. It recently added another 21 kilowatts to that system. The same supplier will also execute the new installations.

The expanded San Antonio system is expected to save the company 80 percent on its annual electric bill, according to Chris Price, president of Price Asset Management, which manages the facilities. He estimates the system will save the company ,000 annually and pay for itself within three years.

Stuff Hotel is taking advantage of solar-power rebates, tax credits and incentives offered by energy-provider CPS Energy to install the panels, Price told the source.

In addition to solar, the company is also converting lighting at its facilities to LED, which will use 60 percent to 70 percent less energy, according to the company’s website. Stuff Hotel properties also feature recycling bins for tenants and staff.

Stuff Hotel operates one self-storage facility in Mississippi and nine in Texas. In addition to storage, the properties feature rental trucks, P.O. boxes, office-warehouse rental and storage supplies.

Price Asset Management is a storage development and management firm based in San Antonio.

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