SheerWind to Install Wind Power Pilot Project in Dubai

SheerWind, Inc., is pleased to announce a pilot project to be commissioned at Dubai Aluminium PJSC , which operates one of the world’s largest aluminum smelting facilities and has a power generating capacity of nearly 2400 MW. SheerWind’s relationship with DUBAL will begin with a 250 kW INVELOX wind power generation pilot project. DUBAL’s interest in SheerWind’s technology is to reduce DUBAL’s carbon footprint and its operations’ impact on the environment.

SheerWind’s INVELOX technology provides high-performance, cost-efficient :

  • Producing 600% more electrical energy (kWh)
  • Operating at wind speeds as low as 1 mile per hour
  • Reducing installation capital cost to less that $750 per KW
  • 90% Less land use than traditional wind power generation utilities
  • Increasing energy production capacity to record high of 72%
  • No harm to humans, animals, or flying creatures

“This installation is very exciting for SheerWind. We see this as the beginning of a great partnership with a company that is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and finding ways to make a difference globally,” said Steve Hill, COO of SheerWind. “This partnership will assist in SheerWind’s mission to provide affordable, clean, electrical energy to anyone—anywhere.”

“We are very pleased to be the pioneer in this innovative pilot project in the GCC, especially as the project will contribute measurably to environmental conservation,” said DUBAL’sTayeb Al Awadhi. “As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to sustainable principles. Moreover, the project is closely aligned with our corporate emphasis on continuous improvement through innovation.”

About SheerWind, Inc.

SheerWind’s breakthrough wind technology is changing the course of power generation. The patented INVELOX electricity generation technology operates efficiently at wind speeds as low as 1 mile per hour, requires no government subsidies, is price competitive with traditional energy and has far less environmental impact than traditional generation technologies. The US electric power generation market is $250 billion and globally exceeds $1 trillion. The high performance and efficiency capabilities of INVELOX offer a global renewable energy solution that easily integrates with the power grid for small and commercial operations.

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About Dubai Aluminum PJSC

Established in 1979, DUBAL today operates one of the world’s largest single-site aluminum smelters—DUBAL’s hot metal production of 1,025,266 tonnes in 2012 was the second highest for a single-site producer in the global aluminum industry. It is leading the industry in taking major steps in reducing its carbon footprint.


Source: PRNewswire

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