Savings Offered on Solar Installations in Riverside County, California

Many of our readers here at Solar Thermal Magazine are interested in affordable solar options for their homes and businesses.  We will continue to do our best to bring you news of special offers, tax credits and government or NGO programs that may be of interest.  The following is an offer that we were made aware of:

Solar 360 announced that they are now offering exclusive Riverside County Solar Savings specials. All solar is not created equal and installed equal. Solar 360 eats, sleeps and breathes Solar and renewable energy in Riverside County. Solar 360 contemplates how they can help implement Solar in and renewable energy into every homeowner’s life. Through their experience, they have come to know this:

All Solar installation companies are not the same. Solar 360 differs from the rest of the industry because of their staff’s extensive experience and knowledge. Solar 360 has helped deliver renewable, reliable power to homeowners all over Southern California. They have a vision to create a sustainable economic future for years to come and have the experience to make it happen.

Solar 360 has a pledge that they follow. The solar 360 pledge drives Solar 360 to a standard of excellence unmatched by the rest of the industry. Throughout every step of the way, Solar 360 holds their products, partners, and themselves to Rigorous benchmarks and every day Solar 360 actively strives to meet and exceed those standards.

Solar 360 Installers

Solar 360 has the best installation technicians in the solar business. Of course customers would like to choose the highest quality solar panels for their home. So shouldn’t their installer be selected with the same level of care? When customers work with Solar 360, they can count on Solar 360 to provide the highest standard of quality and customer service when it comes to installing your solar panels.

Solar 360 solar energy installers are the most qualified and professional installers of residential solar systems in their customer’s community. Solar 360 knows because they train them to the highest standards in the industry. In fact, Solar 360 installers are constantly going through additional training to ensure continuity, consistency and quality of installation to provide the level of excellence that Solar 360 is known for. Every installation is finished with a review of the project with the customer to make sure the project is according to the customers’ expectations and they are thoroughly pleased.

Call Solar 360 at (888) 688-4946 or visit them at

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