Growth of Wind Energy in Europe for 2013

Wind Energy in Europe

in Europe ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – The EurObserv’ER barometer measures the progress made by renewable energies in each sector and in each member State of the European Union in an as up-to-date way as possible (with figures less than 12 months old). EurObserv’ER produces a series of figure-backed indicators covering energetic, technological and economic dimensions.

Every two months one barometer dedicated to one particular renewable energy sector is published in the magazine Systèmes Solaires – le Journal des Énergies Renouvelables and on PDF version. Moreover, once a year an overview barometer gathered the main indicators published during the year and complete them with additional renewable sectors which has not been detailed. Below is their latest barometer for the Wind energy industry available in English and French.

10.2% The growth of the total wind power capacity in the EU in 2013

Global wind energy capacity increased by 12.4% in 2013 to 318.6 GW (283.4 GW at the end of 2012), while the global market shrank to 35.6 GW shedding 10 GW. Worldwide market contraction is largely attributable to the collapse of the US market, as a result of the eleventh-hour extension of the federal incentive system. The European market also declined because of investors’ lack of confidence in the region’s new policies. If we take the United States and Europe out of the equation, the global market continued to grow, driven by the Chinese and Canadian wind power sectors.

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