Emerging markets and Hopes for a Changing Concentrated Solar Power Landscape

csp concentrating solar power markets

Mar 17, 2014

The installed CSP capacity in the USA increased by 61%, whilst Chile is now boasting a 110 MW Tower project under development in addition to its 1 GW project pipeline.

Concrete steps towards a CSP roll out are finally being taken in Saudi Arabia and South Africa is considering increasing its 2030 target CSP capacity by 175%.

The CSP industry is moving rapidly. However it is not without its challenges. Permitting headaches in the USA have severely affected a number of the large scale CSP projects underway. At the same time, the latest legislative developments in Spain with the release of a draft ‘reasonable return’ mechanism have caused the once established market to become the polecat of the CSP industry.

How have the latest curveballs in Spain, and to a lesser extent the USA, affected the global growth of CSP? Emerging markets have come into their own in recent times with countries like South Africa, Chile, Morocco and Saudi Arabia representing key investment opportunities.

These are just a few key developments that are addressed in the March 2014 edition of the CSP Today Quarterly Update.

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