Greenlight Planet Launches Most Affordable Solar Mobile Charging Lantern In Africa

Greenlight Planet, a for-profit solar energy company serving off-grid families in Africa and South Asia,  recently announced the launch of two new products across sub-Saharan Africa:  Sun King™ Mobile and the Sun King™ Pro2.

Families in these areas face many hardships due to the lack of affordable and reliable electricity.  The developing world is heavily reliant on mobile connectivity which provides a crucial lifeline to rural communities, providing access to banking, healthcare and employment services.    Individuals must often walk 10 kilometers and pay steep charges to charge their phones. 

These new products from Greenlight Planet will not only provide bright, nighttime lighting for homes that currently use paraffin lanterns, but are also designed to charge user’s mobile phones using only solar energy. They feature proprietary technology and are designed to withstand the rigors of the rural marketplace. Both products feature a 5-year battery life based on  Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery technology.

 Anish Thakkar, company CEO,  said “We are thrilled to offer this lifestyle-enhancing product at such an affordable price.”

Greenlight Planet, which sold over 1 million solar lamps last year, priced the Sun King™ Mobile at $30USD — 35-40% less expensive than its competitor’s products. The Sun King™ Mobile features:

  • Day or night USB mobile phone charging
  • Light 8 times brighter than typical paraffin lanterns
  • Up to 30 hours of light after a typical day of solar charging
  • 5-year battery life based on revolutionary Lithium ferrophosphate technology

The Sun King™ Pro2 is the next generation in the brand’s Sun King™ product line-up of solar lamps. Twice as bright as alternative solar lanterns, the Pro2 charges two standard mobile phones per day while providing safe, bright nighttime lighting. With the Pro2, users can stay connected by charging their mobile phone – and even their neighbor’s phones – from their own home.

The countries in Africa where the new products will be sold are : Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and the Central African Republic.

Also this month, the company will launch its Direct To Village sales model in Kenya and Uganda. Using  its successes in India as a model, Greenlight Planet will recruit and train over 3,000 micro-entrepreneurs  in Kenya and Uganda by 2015 to deliver Sun King products to off-grid families directly. In thousands of villages where they currently operate, these recruits have  increased their household income by 40% on average while providing a valuable social service for their communities.

Greenlight Planet’s vision is to become a global leader in delivering clean, safe, affordable energy to the world’s two billion under-served energy consumers. Africa alone has 350 million people living without electricity. With over over 1.8 million solar lamps sold to date, they are well on their way to achieving that goal.

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