Siemens to Highlight Portfolio of Energy-Efficient Products for the HVAC Market

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The Mostra Convegno Expo comfort international trade show, which will take place for the 39th time from March 18 to 21, 2014 in Milan, gives Siemens a platform for presenting its comprehensive portfolio of energy-efficient products for the HVAC market. As a single-source supplier, Siemens will present a broad palette of products and solutions under the trade show’s theme of “Your technology partner for energy-efficient solutions.” They range from the intelligent Climatix IC remote servicing system and scalable controller solutions to optimized valves and actuators that update and expand the Siemens line of field devices.

Climatix IC from Siemens is a cloud-based remote servicing system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The tool continuously collects all important process and plant data over the installation’s entire life cycle and stores it in a central location. This information not only makes it possible to analyze system status, reliability and efficiency but also to prepare diagnostics, optimize values and perform upgrades – by remote access and without requiring a technician on site. Customers benefit from lower costs per service and high flexibility. Climatix IC runs in a standard web browser and works on all web-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The Climatix controller platform provides a wide range of control strategies that can be combined in any configuration, specifically for air conditioning systems. This makes it possible to implement any application required – from a centralized controller using remote I/O modules to distributed satellite controllers for integrated sub-applications. This is supported by the library concept for applications in heat pumps and chillers, which was presented for the first time at ISH 2013 in Frankfurt. Within this new framework, customers combine the pre-tested application modules supplied by Siemens according to their needs. This eliminates time-consuming application testing and reverse engineering and allows customers to focus on their core areas of expertise.

Siemens will also showcase its energy-efficient burner solutions, which come standard with VSD interfaces and combustion optimization. The burner systems are easily integrated into Siemens automation technology via ProfiBus or ProfiNet as well as into third-party automation and building management systems via Modbus.

With its new hybrid solution for generating energy in residential buildings, Siemens pushes the boundaries of the traditional combination of two heat sources such as gas-fired heating boilers and heat pumps. By integrating additional systems, such as ventilation or equipment for generating renewables, directly into the Siemens hybrid solution, it is possible to create a complete high-efficiency supply for heating and cooling systems. Thanks to support for many different communication protocols, the Siemens hybrid solution can be integrated into different building management systems, and it is able to respond flexibly to energy rates due to its smart grid compatibility.

Energy efficiency for water and air applications

Siemens will present a range of new products in the completely redesigned line of Acvatix valves and actuators. The portfolio includes new combi valves, pressure-compensated valves, control ball valves and thermal actuators that are especially compact, more energy-efficient and easy to handle. The valves and actuators in the new Acvatix generation can be used to cover all control tasks in HVAC applications.

The OpenAir line of damper actuators includes many new models, including fire and smoke protection dampers actuators, actuators for HVAC applications with or without a fail-safe function as well as fast-running actuators delivering a torque of 6 Nm at a running time of 2 seconds. A special segment of the OpenAir portfolio are air volume controllers which use the open KNX communication protocol and support advanced energy efficiency functions in combination with communications-enabled field devices. Finally, Siemens will present the G120P, a modular variable speed drive for HVAC applications, which allows fans and pumps to be operated with a high degree of energy efficiency.

The products and solutions shown at Mostra Convegno as well as the associated services are part of Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio. Around 43 percent of its total revenue stems from green products and solutions. That makes Siemens one of the world’s leading providers of eco-friendly technology.

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