Singapore-based environmental awards to reach out to organisations as far as India, Bangladesh

Singapore. – The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) recently opened its doors to applications for the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards (SEAA) 2014. Into its 17th year, the awards will now reach out to organisations from South Asia as part of a longer-term objective to reach out to all of Asia over the next three years.

The expansion into South Asia seeks to encourage environmental excellence among businesses in this region, in line with the introduction of the SEAA’s regional award category in 2012. To date, the SEAA has seen the participation of organisations from South East Asia including Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Mr Jose Raymond, Executive Director of the SEC said:

The expansion into South Asia is a strategic move by the Council bearing in mind that countries in the South Asian region such as India – a manufacturing giant with one of the highest populations globally – are in the thick of economic development. Environmental issues arising from this region can create ripples and affect air quality not just within South Asia, but on a global scale. Environmental issues have no boundaries and with Singapore as a hub for the awards, we aim to provide a platform for the sharing of best environmental practices for businesses here in Singapore, as well as to our spokes in the region.

Mr Raymond added: “SEC’s longer-term vision for the awards over the next three years is to expand our outreach to the entire Asian continent. For a start, we will harness pre-established networks that have been built through existing programmes like the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme and Asian Environmental Journalism Awards.”

The SEC also felt that the need to expand into South Asia was timely as in 2012, scientists working with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released findings which indicate that the spectacular economic growth seen in South Asia in the past decade may soon falter as a result of the “Asian Brown Haze”, a vast blanket of pollution comprising ash, acids, aerosols and other particles stretching across South Asia which is damaging agriculture, modifying rainfall patterns, and putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk.

The award categories for SEAA 2014 are:

  • SEC-Setsco Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Manufacturing)
  • SEC-Kimberly-Clark Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Services)
  • SEC-Lee Foundation Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Public Sector)
  • SEC Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Regional)
  •  SEC-Senoko Energy Green Innovation Award
  • SEC-CDL Outstanding Singapore Environmental Achievement Award

In 2013, 3 of the 21 applicants were from regional countries, with KUB-Berjaya Enviro Sdn

Bhd, operator of the Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill earning the SEC-CDL Outstanding Singapore

Environmental Achievement Award as well as the SEC-Singapore Environmental Achievement

Award (Regional). This is the first time a regional company clinched two awards, in not only

the regional category, but the overall highest accolade, the SEC-CDL Outstanding Singapore

Environmental Achievement Award.

Mr Chock Eng Tah, Managing Director of KUB-Berjaya Enviro Sdn Bhd said: “KUB-Berjaya

Enviro’s participation in SEAA 2013 presented a good opportunity for us to assess the

sustainability of our business proposition in relation to the Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill.

Winning the SEAA 2013 awards has raised our profile in the industry, enabling us to share our

best practices to a wider network besides our existing projects and effort in Malaysia, China,

Philippines and Vietnam. The Award has solidified our resolve to focus on what we are doing

well and continue to steer our organisation in the green direction.”

“As a pioneer and firm advocate of sustainability, CDL has been committed to green buildings

and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for close to two decades now. With growing

awareness of the importance of sustainability amongst businesses, we hope to encourage

more companies to embrace responsible corporate citizenry. We are glad to support SEC in

the SEAA to discover and honour corporations like KUB-Berjaya who have successfully

implemented a holistic sustainability strategy that has positively impacted the wider

community and the environment,” said Ms Esther An, CDL Head of CSR.

Setsco, the award sponsor for the manufacturing category, wants to continue the momentum

of seeing more international participation. Ms Elizabeth Lee, the Divisional Director of Setsco

said: “As an active player in the regional environmental scene, it is vital that we highlight

various companies that have in place stellar environmental initiatives, to serve as role models

and facilitate sharing of best practices.”


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