Soleos Solar and KACO new energy Celebrate 15 Years of Working Together

Bornheim, 3 March 2014. – Soleos Solar and KACO new energy Celebrate 15 Years of Working Together, manufacturer and wholesaler of photovoltaic components and plants, has received an honorary certificate for 15 years of good and close cooperation from the company KACO new energy. At an event celebrating 100 years of KACO new energy’s existence, its managing director Ralf Hofmann honoured the boss of Soleos Solar, David Mabille.

“We are very proud to have such a strong partner at our side and are pleased we have received this award”, said Mabille at the event. In addition to its own products, Soleos Solar primarily sells devices from KACO new energy. To date, the company has sold KACO new energy inverters with a total power of more than 500 megawatts worldwide.

“First and foremost, our international customers appreciate the high quality of these products made in Germany, in addition to their long service life”, explains Mabille and adds,

the inverter is the heart of the solar power plant, and you cannot skimp on it.” Even before Soleos Solar was founded 15 years ago, Mabille had already specifically decided to sell KACO new energy’s products.

About Soleos Solar

Soleos Solar GmbH was founded in 2004 and since then has concentrated on the wholesale of photovoltaics and the manufacture of crystalline solar modules. The company, with headquarters in Bornheim-Sechtem near Cologne, offers its customers grid-connected systems of various power classes and associated storage facilities, off grid systems as well as a wide product portfolio of components for solar power plants.

Thanks to its international network and many years of experience, Soleos Solar has the appropriate product for every customer’s requirement. The company sells its plants and components all over the world from its company headquarters in Germany, its subsidiaries in France, Greece, Spain and China as well as from its international partner network.


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