Save Solar Campaign in Australia hits $150,000 with latest donation of $100,000 from Greenbank Environmental

IKEA Australia to Build 3.6MW Solar Systems

The peak solar industry body, the Australian Solar Council, has today announced a major boost in its campaign to save the Renewable Energy Target.

“Total donations to the industry fighting fund have now passed $150,000, receiving a huge boost with a $100,000 donation from Greenbank Environmental, a leading independent renewable energy certificate trader,” said John Grimes Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council.

The boost to funding comes as the Australian Solar Council releases their analysis of the real cost of small scale or roof-top solar which shows the savings outweigh the costs.

The Australian Solar Council infographic clearly shows what is really happening in the energy markets, and the role solar plays in bringing down costs.

“Solar saves money and creates jobs,” said Grimes who appeared as a renewable energy industry expert on Sky News State of the Nation on Monday night.

Solar has cut the average electricity bill by more than 50%.

In 2015/16 roof-top solar costs will represent just 1% of an average electricity bill.

Meanwhile solar reduces wholesale electricity prices and strengthens the electricity grid.

Grimes adds that “roof-top solar has delivered over 18,500 new jobs, created 4,500 solar businesses, and resulted in 3,000 MW of solar installations.

“These benefits, have come from Mums and Dads, pensioners and people on fixed incomes, making a personal choice to invest in solar to control the cost of their electricity.”

“Combined with today’s analysis that the small-scale solar scheme saves the community more than it costs, why would you possibly reduce support to small scale solar? “ said Grimes.

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