HVAC Contractor Announces New Cost-Efficient AZ Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Maintenance Program

Gilbert, Arizona February, 2014

Buyers who look for the core of efficient Gilbert, Arizona heating and cooling soon uncover a well-planned and well-executed air conditioning and heat pump maintenance program. When home HVAC systems fail, comfort levels stumble and heating and cooling budgets crumble. Scheduling routine Arizona A/C, HP and Furnace maintenance saves money.

Warm air is near. A weather change is in the making, and the Arizona sun will soon pump out new record-breaking temperatures. Some unprepared East Valley homes, perhaps even many, will experience serious A/C or HP failures. To help reduce the calamities, Arizona HVAC contractor, ACH is offering a new cost-efficient Arizona air conditioning and heat pump maintenance program.

ACH, a Recognized Leader in HVAC Installation and HVAC Maintenance

With over twenty years open-door experience in the HVAC installation, repair and maintenance industry, American Cooling and Heating provides the equipment service Arizona residents deserve – and at cost-effective competitive pricing. The Company employs drug-free skill-rated technicians with extended knowledge in all major brands of HVAC equipment, including:

  • Amana air handlers & more
  • Carrier cooling and heating coils & more
  • Goodman gas furnaces & more
  • Rheem air conditioners & more
  • And Trane heat pumps & more.

Contracting an East Valley air conditioning maintenance plan through American Cooling and Heating ensures long-term reduced pricing for annual and/or semi-annual system upkeep. Calculated unit maintenance reduces Arizona A/C, HP and furnace repair bills. It also helps residents regulate the yearly expenses for peak equipment operation.

According to Energy Gov, routinely maintained HVAC equipment consumes 10% to 25% less energy than systems forced to function under shoddy upkeep. Annual or semi-annual tune-ups promote equipment durability and energy-efficient functionality. Among other key points of service, the American Cooling and Heating Arizona AC and HP maintenance plan examines home systems for compliance with:

Recommended airflow by measurement

Correct refrigerant measurements

Manufacturer installation specifications

National and local installation codes

National and local electrical standards

AND More.

Shoddy Heating and Cooling Equipment Maintenance is Expensive

Reports from the Environmental Protection Agency indicate that a dirty air filter can increase the cost of system airflow by as much as $200 per 10,000. Furthermore, a poorly maintained system forces additional expense due to clogged drain pans, narrowed air ducts and dirty heating and cooling coils. Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed to ensure quality indoor air via a combination of regulated ventilation, adequate filtration and efficient thermal comfort. Effective A/C and HP maintenance ensures compliance to these requirements. It’s a matter of comfort and operating costs.

With American Cooling and Heating, consumers can get 24/7 emergency HVAC repair services throughout the state of Arizona. But by applying the American Cooling and Heating Arizona Air Conditioning and Heat Pump maintenance program, East Valley residents also get the comfort of peak system performance. Now is the time to save on the cost of unexpected service calls as well as the frustration of an overheated home.

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