Next generation dual-axis solar tracking system

mechatron solar tracker  solar tracking systemThe dual-axis Mechatron Solar Tracker D170 evolution is the second model of the evolution series, following the single axis S140 which was presented in June during the International Exhibition Intersolar Europe in Munich.

The new product builds on the successful features of the existing tracker systems of the company and adds new innovations which make D170 a new generation dual-axis solar tracking system.

Mechatron Solar Tracker D170 can withstand every wind speed and weather conditions, since its structure design principle is derived from beetles’ exoskeletons, which possess a superior strength to weight ratio.

The new system combines safety and stiffness with weight saving, while its advanced hydraulic mechanism ensures smooth operation with zero maintenance.

Briefly, the comparative advantages of the new solar tracker that Mechatron launches are:

Hydraulic Mechanism

– Zero backlash

– Overload protection

– No wear and tear parts

– No precision parts

Skeleton – Beetle

– High rigidity with optimum utilization of its weight

– Fewer parts

– Optimized logistics


– Easy and simple startup (commissioning)

At the same time, this new advanced product retains the key characteristics of the successful products that Mechatron has already launched:

– Hydraulic drive system

– Robust framework

– Easy installation

– Ultimate resistance under all weather conditions

– Zero maintenance

– Maximum efficiency

– competitive cost

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