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Getting off the slalom of feed-in tariffs and onto the downhill straights of on-site storage

How PV On-Grid Storage Offers Best Returns and Grid Independence

PV On-grid Storage has created excitement that a ‘new normal’ is coming to domestic and commercial power – that of on-site storage in the pursuit of grid independence and financial gains.

This course provides insights into the benefits and efficiencies of energy storage along with a deep understanding of common system design configurations.

A strong hands-on component will offer attendees practical experience in on-grid storage with both DC and AC coupled systems.

Battery Storage System Training

Swinburne RE Training Facility

Glen Morris will provide the theoretical background of current industry-best techniques to achieve high efficiency backup solutions within Australian Standards and industry best practice.

The course will present a workflow from consideration of demand and renewable supply through design options for DC and AC coupled systems, including electrical schematics, installation and system maintenance procedures.

This course will be conducted at the Wantirna Campus of Swinburne University utilizing state-of-the-art renewable energy training facilities.

50 CPD PointsDATES: Mon 3rd to Wed 5th March 2014

TIME: 8.30am – 4pm

LOCATION: Wantirna Campus, Swinburne University, MELBOURNE

COST: $2100+gst ASC Members / $2300+gst non-members

Further Details and REGISTRATION here

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OR register here for 2-day workshops in Sydney, Brisbane,  Perth or Adelaide 
Cost: $1500+gst ASC Members, $1700 non-members
45 CPD Points

  • Sydney – 25-26 March
  • Brisbane 3-4 April
  • Perth 15-16 May
  • Adelaide 29-30 May

Battery Storage Training

Important!Further details and REGISTRATION here
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CEO, Australian Solar Council

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