Tata Power Solar makes it easy to switch to solar

Launches TATA Dynamo, a high performance 1KVA power system comprising of solar panels, inverter and battery

Bangalore, India, January 09, 2014: Tata Power Solar, the leading solar solutions provider, has launched a new 1 KVA solar power pack system to its solar product line-up, aptly called TATA Dynamo. The power pack, a combination of solar PV panels, inverter and battery, will help consumers enjoy uninterrupted power supply for up to 8 hours, at an affordable cost. With the new TATA Dynamo, it is now very easy to switch to solar!

TATA Dynamo works like a regular inverter, but has solar as its primary source of power. The intelligent system charges itself while powering all the connected appliances through free solar energy and when sunlight is unavailable it automatically shifts to regular electricity. Depending on the weather conditions, the system can provide back-up of 4 to 8 hours to power appliances like LED/CFL lights, fans, televisions, etc. The system has been designed for simple and faster installation with maintenance free operation.

Power suppliers are unable to meet the increasing needs of energy by households & small establishments, compelling users to look at managing power-cuts by using diesel generators for backup. In an area of 3 – 4 hours of load shedding, a household/user tends to spend around Rs. 1500* per month on electricity generation from grid and additional cost of running diesel generator. By investing in TATA Dynamo, this expense can be recovered in less than 18 months with an added benefit of uninterrupted power supply without any cost. With a minimum life expectancy of 8 – 10 years, the system offers exceptional return on investment. Further, the 30% subsidy from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy makes the product more affordable for consumers facing power shortage.

Commenting about the launch of TATA Dynamo, Ajay Goel, CEO, Tata Power Solar said, “Tata Dynamo is a great way to switch to solar. It will help both urban and rural middle class manage power cuts better while reducing their power bills substantially. The system is also very easy to install and is power packed with features”.

Some key features of Tata Dynamo include:

• Four high wattage TPS module, enabling more generation & faster charging of the battery

• 180Ah battery ensures extra power enabling longer power back-up

• First of its kind to give 5 years warranty backed by the service trust of ‘TATA’

• Industry first SPACE SAVER wall mountable inverter to reduce floor space usage

• Adherence with International Standards ensuring highest quality & performance

TATA Dynamo will be extremely useful in both urban as well as rural areas where power cuts are frequent. However, even in regions where power cuts are not a major issue, the system can be useful. It will help people manage their power requirement better and thereby reducing their dependency on the grid substantially.

The product will be available across the country through Tata Power Solar’s 1000+ dealer network. One can visit www.tatapowersolar.com or call toll free no. 1800 419 8777 or sms TPS to 56677 for further information.

*approximate cost of electricity bills & diesel generator cost for 3 -4 hours per day

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