Campaign Status to SAVE SOLAR in Australia – Update from ASC

Australia save solar

Australia save solarTarget Smashed!

The Save Solar fighting fund has now smashed through the $25,000 mark – we are now at more than $30,000 in donations.

This has been a fantastic response showing the strong industry and community support for the Renewable Energy Target legislation.

Thank you to the following companies who have pledged towards the fighting fund since my last update:

Urban Group Energy – $3,000

Metro Solar – $1,000

Solar Depot  – $1,000

Solar Inception – $1,000

You can now see the logos of all our major donors here.

This funding means we can now engage professional media and government relations experts to help craft out key messages and to help guide our campaign.

This funding will give us a base level of support through the campaign (which is likely to run until the end of the year – really as long as it takes).

Of course, the more we raise the more effective we will be.

That’s why we still need your help.

Let’s keep the target growing.  Additional resources will allow us to:

– Extend the engagement of our expert team

– Run a local media campaign in local newspapers and radio across Australia

– Commission expert analysis of the real cost of solar PV and solar hot water

– Potentially (depending on the level of support) boost the campaign with paid advertising

Make no mistake, the Renewable Energy Target is under massive attack.

Just yesterday there were reports the Government was considering a 10% Renewable Energy Target.

That’s the same as axing the RET, because we have already met that target.

Pledge your support today here.

Donate here

Show Us Your Solar Savings

In the lead up to a social media campaign (where we will call for photographs to show support for solar), we want people who have installed solar to send us their electricity bill before and after solar was installed.

What better way to show how you can slash your power bills than real examples from real people.

People should block out their personal information, but we want to clearly see how much their electricity bill has dropped.

We want examples from pensioners, homeowners, community groups and businesses.
Please email your examples to [email protected]

Campaign Partner

I’m really pleased to announce that the Solar Energy industry Association (SEIA) have joined us as campaign partners.

SEIA will be central in collecting PV installer stories and mobilising installers in rural and regional Australia in our ‘Meet your Local MP’ campaign.

RET Cost Overblown

The big power companies continue to complain about the cost of the RET.

The truth is the cost is very small. The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) says the SRES is just 1.9% of an average power bill, and falling.

This has driven around $6bn of private investment in clean solar energy systems which will keep producing for at least 25 years – that last 10 years is FREE.

If you hear someone misrepresenting the cost of the RET, please correct them. Write a letter to the newspaper, post a comment on social media, call talk back radio or write to your local MP.

Press Update

The next big press blitz will be around the real cost of supporting solar PV and solar hot water in Australia.

In the meantime you can find a link to a recent radio interview I did with Beyond Zero Emissions here.

Twitter Update

Our social media work is starting to fire up with Twitter followers recently doubling to 2,000.


Donate here
Kind Regards,
John Grimes
CEO, Australian Solar Council
[email protected]

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