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Ingeteam is Awarded the French CRE's Largest Solar Photovoltaic Plant with Energy Storage

Ingeteam is awarded the French CRE’s largest photovoltaic plant with energy storage, reinforcing its leading position in the field of insular electricity grids

Ingeteam, global leader in power electronics and electrical engineering, in consortium with SAFT, the world’s leading battery manufacturer, and Corex Solar, a local constructor in La Réunion, have signed a multi-million euro contract for supplying the French CRE’s (Comisión de Régulation de l’Energie) largest photovoltaic plant with energy storage.

Ingeteam is Awarded the French CRE's Largest Solar Photovoltaic Plant with Energy Storage

The Bardzour plant is the largest project announced in the group of 16 solar farm projects awarded in 2012 under the French CRE tender for a total of 50 MW of solar photovoltaic production capacity with storage in Corsica and French overseas departments.

This project, promoted by the French company Akuo Energy, is located on La Réunion island in the Indian Ocean. Its 9 MW production capacity equals the average consumption of 13,500 people.

In terms of the storage system, Ingeteam is responsible for supplying the plant’s power electronics equipment, EMS (Energy Management System), AAC (Advanced Automation Controller), medium-voltage switchgear, installation, commissioning, training and an operation and maintenance contract on power electronics which will assure the availability and performance of the system, with a storage capacity of 9 MWh. Ingeteam is also supplying all of the plant’s photovoltaic inverters.

Electrical storage linked to renewable generation plants in weak grid environments, as is the case of La Réunion island, permits greater renewable generation integration and equips the electrical system with enhanced management capacity thanks to the delivery of stable, predictable power, regardless of the intermittency of the renewable resource, thus minimising deviations from the power forecast.

In this sense, the control system supplied by Ingeteam is a key element in guaranteeing the efficient management of energy flows in the system and to the grid, in accordance with demanding technical specifications. Deviations in production are penalised. Hence, Akuo Energy will depend on a precise energy management system as well as on the functioning of a stable system over time to assure an income and ROI in line with its objectives.

This type of plant forms part of the universe of smartgrids – electrical grids which enable smart, advanced management of available electrical energy.

This new project goes alongside the 1MW /3MWh energy storage plant (also with SAFT Li-ion technology batteries), commissioned in 2013 in Gran Canaria (Spain) as well as the 4MW/6s supercapacitor project, also commissioned in 2013 in La Palma (Spain), for minimising the loss of generation capacity and avoiding blackouts.

All of these projects emphasise Ingeteam’s leading position as the supplier of automation equipment and advanced power electronics solutions for insular grids.

Ingeteam is Awarded the French CRE's Largest Solar Photovoltaic Plant with Energy Storage No tags for this post.

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