For underwater power users, the consumable primary energy source with extreme energy density – without toxicity or handling issues.

underwater powerPerformance: Up to 3.5 MJ/L (1.0 kW-hr/L) and 200 W/L depending on system configuration.

Inherent safety: Utilizes chemistry without significant toxicity or flammability concerns (no reactivity with water or air). Toxicity profile similar to an alkaline battery.

Affordability: Leverages readily-available alloys and electrolyte, ensuring a cost-effective solution

Rapid start-up: Constant output within 60s of seawater activation, and can support current spikes of over 12A/cell.

Environmental compatibility: Stable in any orientation, and over a wide temperature range.

Long shelf life: Indefinite shelf life prior to adding electrolyte, 2-month self-discharge service life once electrolyte added

Extensibility: We can rapidly and affordably customize system size and electrical characteristics to suit the power and endurance requirements of your application.

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