Two Huge U.S. Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CPS) Sites Nearing Completion

New U.S. Concentrated Solar Thermal Plants.

John Pye and Joe Coventry from ANU recently attended the SolarPACES conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two papers were presented, Heliostat cost reduction – where to now? and Uncertainty analysis of heliostat alignment at the Sandia solar field. Full details are on our publications page.

At the conclusion of the conference, there were two organised visits to some new CSP plants. The first was Ivanpah, the 392 MW (electrical) central tower plant developed by Brightsource. We were told that it had only just delivered its very first electrons to the grid during the time that we were watching, with the first of its three towers on-line while we were there. The second was Crescent Dunes, near Tonopah, a single-tower 110 MWe plant with molten salt storage by Solar Reserve, which is now nearing completion.


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