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Clean Solar Thermal Energy Used Directly as Heat for Your Home

Clean Solar Thermal Energy Used Directly as Heat for Your Home Solar thermal power dish with heat storage

Clean Solar Thermal Energy ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – We live out in the country and we have some land available for setting up solar panels to make electricity or even it seems a small solar thermal concentrated dish arrangement with heat storage. Residential hot water heat while not so popular in North America any more is very popular in Europe with modern designs being very efficient and reliable.

One of the benefits of hot water heating as opposed to natural gas or electric heating is that if you can scavenge waste heat from somewhere or produce it from a solar clean energy source that you can utilize it in your heating system.

It is for this reason that you may see a resurgence hot water heating in new homes around the world. This video shows a relatively small but very sophisticated concentrated solar thermal sun tracking dish with thermal energy storage that could be used to heat a small subdivision or company . CSP with heat storage is usually only considered for large utility sized systems that use the heat to produce electricity for transmission to the grid. Using the heat without the heat engine saves a lot of capital expense and maintenance costs.

I have the room. I wonder if I can sell the heat I don’t need to the rest of my neighbors?

Here are some details of the system.


Diameter = 10 m

Area = 66.7 square meters.

Concentration ratio C=950

Thermal Power = 53Kw

Maximum temperature = 1450 degrees C

Storage tank:

Diameter = 8 m

Height = 8.4 m

Heat capacity = 40,000 kwh

Thermal energy can be saved for 180 days at 800 degrees C with a 6% heat loss.

Clean Solar Thermal Energy Used Directly as Heat for Your Home About Gordon Smith
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