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Suntech Announces Performance Warranties for Solar PV Modules

Performance Warranties for Solar PV Modules ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – Wuxi Suntech today announced it is adding another measure of protection for customer warranties: Its modules’ performance will be insured by Chinese-based insurance company Ping An and reinsured by the leading risk carrier, Munich Re. This new insurance policy provides25 years’ warranty protection for Suntech in the event of a significant decrease of performance for modules — a move expected to help expand sales by providing Suntech’s customers with reassurance in the performance quality of their products.

“We have great confidence that our products are of the highest quality and are built to last,” said Suntech CEO Eric Luo.

But to ensure our customers feel fully protected, our new insurance policy with Ping An and reinsurance by Munich Re will allow us to continue to honor our products’ performance warranties, while still maintaining our strong financial balance sheet.

Suntech recently announced that its polycrystalline silicon modules ranked above industry standards in a technical review conducted by UK-based consultancy OST Energy. The announcement followed Suntech’s modules receiving the VDE-Quality Tested certification, which recognizes products with a level of quality control that goes beyond existing standards in the photovoltaic industry.

“Thanks to the cooperation with our partner Ping An, we are able to provide an innovative performance warranty insurance solution for Suntech’s modules that are fundamental to the sustainable success in the solar industry,” said August Proebstl, Head of Corporate Insurance Partner at Munich Re.

It sets industry standards by being the first significant deal when it comes to volume insured and indemnity offered to a manufacturer domiciled in the People’s Republic of China.

“We are excited to work with Munich Re under our Co-operation Agreement in the renewable energy sectors to support Suntech as it emerges with a new business strategy and grows in new verticals globally,” said Mr. Xin Wang, General Manager of Property & Casualty at Ping An.

Our role is to promote and protect the development of Chinese PV companies and we are proud to offer reliable long term insurance coverage capacity to Suntech now and for many years to come.

Recently acquired by Hong Kong-based Shunfeng Photovoltaics Ltd., Suntech now has the strongest financial footing in the solar industry with nearly zero debt allowing the company to invest in growing the business through partnerships and expansion of its sales, marketing and services teams. Suntech will provide one-stop access to the Shunfeng family of companies including capabilities in design, engineering, manufacturing, construction, finance, insurance, operation and maintenance, energy storage, solar products and applications.

“With the backing of Shunfeng, we are in an even better financial position to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality products,” said Luo.

We value the relationship we have with our customers. More than 30 million Suntech panels can be found in more than 80 countries, all of which will continue to enjoy the warranties documented in Suntech’s original sales agreement. That’s a commitment we publicly made shortly after our restructuring.

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