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Digital Simulation of SolarReserve’s Crescent Dunes Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant

Crescent Dunes Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – The Ireland-based artist John Gerrard is presenting a digital simulation of SolarReserve’s Crescent Dunes CSP plant on a frameless LED wall on Lincoln center’s Josie Robertson plaza.  The LED wall will simulate the Crescent Dunes CSP plant in Nevada, mimicking the sites 10,000 mirrors which reflect sunlight upon the tower to heat molten salt. 

The simulation of the plant has been created using a sophisticated video game engine which shows the actual 24 hour day as it happens. No detail has been spared as even the exact position of the sun, moon and the alignment of the stars has been factored into this simulation. The perspective shifts from ground level to an almost birds eye view every 60 minutes so that no view is exactly the same at any point during the exhibition.

The exhibition will run from October 3rd to December 1st and has already created quite a stir in New York, as well as across the social media world where enthusiasts have been encouraged to share their experience and photographs by hash tagging #SolarNYC.

“From above, the plant’s 10,000 mirrors form a perfect disc, mimicking the layout of a sunflower” Gerrard proclaims.

Onlookers have been amazed by the unique design of the Crescent Dunes plant, developed by Tonopah Solar Energy LLC., a consortium formed by SolarReserve, Cobra and Santander.

The plant is expected to come online by the end of the year and will provide 110 MW of energy.

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By David Williams

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