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Wisconsinites Historic Rally to Defend Rooftop Solar from Utility's Attacks

Milwaukee saw the largest public outcry in the Public Service Commission’s history yesterday as Wisconsinites rallied to oppose We Energies attacks on rooftop solar.  While We Energies’ attacks on customer-sited solar rage on, their own study has surfaced as a self-rebuttal. The study found that rooftop solar is a financial benefit to all ratepayers.

“We Energies’ own study shows that solar customers subsidize all other ratepayers,” said Bryan Miller, co-Chairman of The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) and Vice President of Public Policy for Sunrun.  “Their anti-solar proposal is the most egregious in the nation, yet their only evidence is a blatant self-contradiction.”

We Energies wants to impose significant fixed charges on solar customers, penalizing them for investing in self-produced clean energy.  They also want to increase fixed charges for all customers.  The utility’s overt disregard for the best interests of ratepayers has Wisconsinites up in arms. Nearly 500 solar supporters descended on the Wisconsin PSC yesterday in two consecutive hearings.

Wisconsin consumers, local businesses such as Johnson Controls, and consumer interest groups like AARP and WISCAP, have all opposed We Energies’ proposals.  A recent state poll from a bipartisan research firm found that 93% of respondents say home and business owners should have the right to install solar and pay for it how they choose.

“Monopolists fear competition, and We Energies is one of the largest monopolies in the country,” added Miller.  “Rooftop solar is the only true form of competition they’ve ever seen.”

About The Alliance for Solar Choice
The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) leads the rooftop solar advocacy across the country.  Founded by the largest rooftop companies in the nation, TASC represents the vast majority of the market.  Its members include: Demeter Power, SolarCity, Solar Universe, Sungevity, Sunrun, and Verengo.

Image: Solar panels on the Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion. Credit: By Lacrossewi (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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