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Training System for Hands-on Teaching of Solar Hydrogen Technology and Energy Storage

Training System for Hands-on Teaching of Solar Hydrogen Technology and Energy Storage

Solar Hydrogen Technology ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Our readers are always asking about training and education for clean energy around the world. Here is a kit you can buy if you are an educator or trainer to give your students hands on experience in making hydrogen from solar generated electricity.

The Heliocentris Dr. FuelCell Professional is a training system for hands-on teaching of solar hydrogen technology and energy storage. Various modules reproduce a complete renewable energy cycle; students can examine solar and hydrogen fuel cell technology in detail. Suitable for communicating content from the curricula of physics, chemistry and technology.

Dr. FuelCell Professional Features:

– Demonstration unit in custom experiment set-up of for classroom-style teaching – Large modules and displays for presentation to groups – Robust components in stable rack – Easy introduction due to pre-configured experiments – Curriculum-oriented documentation (Grades 9–12)

– Easy and fast installation without extensive preparation; no additional material needed

Example experiments: – Current and voltage: characteristic curves of solar panel and fuel cell – Faraday’s first law: nergy efficiency of an electrolyzer and of a fuel cell – Thermodynamics: electrochemical processes – Series and parallel connection of fuel cells

– Dependence of solar current on the distance and incident angle of the light source

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