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SG Preston Announces World's Largest Purpose-Built Renewable Diesel Plant in Southern Ohio

SG Preston (SGP), a bioenergy leader, today announced the planned development of a 120 million gallon renewable diesel facility in Lawrence County, Ohio. The SGP South Point facility will have total investment of $400 million, create 100 permanent jobs and be the world’s largest purpose-built producer of renewable diesel upon completion, estimated to occur in 2017.

A key component of the facility’s development is the licensing by SG Preston of advanced process technology which has been successfully proven at commercial scale at other locations. This advanced technology efficiently converts waste feedstock into renewable diesel, which is chemically identical to petroleum-based diesel and can be used as a drop-in replacement in vehicles with no modifications. Moreover, this technology allows SG Preston to customize its biofuel offering by adjusting fuel characteristics to meet various operating environments (extreme cold or heat) of the end user without diluting energy content in the fuel blend. This technologically advanced process also delivers lifecycle reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with diesel from petroleum.

Other partners in the project include the Lawrence County Economic Development Council, which is investing 62 acres in land and other incentives. The Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth and JobsOhio were also instrumental in securing the investment and technology to play a role in the future of southern Ohio.

“For SG Preston, this is an important milestone and part of a larger vision of partnering with leading, global refining technology partners and local communities to develop a portfolio of renewable diesel and renewable jet fuel refineries targeting 1.2 billion gallons per year, or 20% of the federal RFS2 biomass-based mandate for biofuels,” said R. Delbert LeTang, CEO of SG Preston. “We see a blue sky opportunity to deliver customized, renewable fuel to government, the petroleum industry and other private users throughoutthe United States and we look forward to partnering with the people of southern Ohio to build new industries and new economic opportunity.”

“This project will be of significant economic importance to southern Ohio, bringing long-term employment and income to the region,” said Bill Dingus, executive director of Lawrence County Economic Development Council. “We look forward to supporting the development of new energy technologies, and passing on the benefits of commerce and cleaner air to local residents.”

Pre-engineering studies for the facility are expected to begin in September 2014, with commercial operations targeted for 2017.

About SG Preston

SG Preston is a bioenergy leader unlocking the potential of waste biomass through logistics and product innovation. Using an integrated approach, SG Preston engages in the sourcing, shipment and conversion of low carbon waste – wood, oil, grease – for the production of renewable electricity and fuels. SG Preston consists of three business units: SGP Biomass, SGP Wood Pellets and SGP Biofuels. Together, the businesses benefit community, climate and commerce. SG Preston is based in Philadelphia. For more information, please visit

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