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Mosaic Launches to Residential Installers with Expansion of Home Solar Loan Program

Mosaic, the first company to crowdsource investments to finance solar projects, has launched a new line of home solar loan products and services for residential installers. Among them, the company has built a fast and easy-to-use online portal to manage customer experience, a 20 year Hassle-Free Service Guarantee, and new loan products.

“Mosaic is a company committed to giving people what they want,” says Billy Parish, President of Mosaic. “As more and more Americans come to Mosaic to go solar, we’re excited to offer them their preferred installers alongside a simple way to own solar for zero dollars down. We look forward to helping installers close more deals.”

Mosaic’s online portal is fully automated, taking as little as 2 minutes to navigate from start to finish. The tool allows installers to control and ease their customer’s experience. Mosaic’s 20 year Hassle-Free Service Guarantee provides an extra level of customer assistance for the solar system’s maintenance and performance in addition to the comprehensive warranty and maintenance packages often offered by their installers.

Mosaic’s new home solar loan products vary in term and interest rate, optimizing options to maximize cash flow or maximize lifetime savings. All products maintain Mosaic’s commitment to no down payments, savings competitive with leading leases, integrating the Federal Investment Tax Credit and fixed monthly payments. This lets customers build equity in their system and achieve 100% ownership and free energy at end of the term.

One of Mosaic’s newest installers is PermaCity, which has over a decade of experience and 30+ megawatts of installations.Jonathan Port, CEO at PermaCity, details, “Our customers like the simplicity of owning their system. Mosaic makes it easy!”

John Mason, Director of Technical Sales at PermaCity, says, “Mosaic has created an innovative and very competitive solar financing tool. Their residential loan offers the advantages of ownership for payments comparable to those of a lease. And their online portal and loan application system is second to none.”

Sarah Shanley-Hope, a Mosaic home loan borrower speaks to her positive experience: “Going solar with Mosaic has been fun and easy for me. As a working mom, I hardly need to do anything. I’ve already had a handful of friends decide to go solar through Mosaic as well.”
Mosaic is currently only offering their loan product to homeowners in California but has plans to expand into other states this year. Installers can sign up to work with Mosaic on their installer webpage.

About Mosaic
Mosaic is the first company in America to crowdsource investments to finance solar projects and provides low cost financial products for residential and commercial solar installers. Founded in 2010, Mosaic has made 100% on time payments to its investors to date – over 68,000 payments total. Mosaic has also experienced zero defaults from borrowers, including 20 commercial scale solar projects. Mosaic has been awarded the Department of Energy SunShot grant in 2012, the Sierra Club Trailblazer Award in 2013, the top prize for Verizon Wireless’ Powerful Answers Award in 2014, and has been listed on Fast Company’s Top Ten Most Innovative Businesses in Energy for 2013 and 2014.

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