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Solar thermal magazine Solar Thermal Energy Installer Training – South Africa

Solar Thermal Energy Installer Training – The purpose of the solar thermal flagship district is to enhance the visibility of a variety of solar heating and cooling technologies in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Hence it is crucial that these can be visited readily by technical tours or by political decision makers. The area of the Gauteng solar thermal flagship district has been defined as a circular area of about 50km in radius, centered on the Centurion Gautrain station.

SOLTRAIN2 flagships are triggering a total investment more than R13.5 million (approximately 913 000 Euro) in Southern Africa, more than R1.7 million (approximately 115 000 Euro) of which is made up of direct Soltrain subsidies. An amount of 226 000 Euro has been reserved for Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe, with 45 000 Euro having been allocated to demonstration units at tertiary teaching facilities.

The total SOLTRAIN sponsorship for the solar thermal flagship districts in all participating countries amounts to 175 000 Euro, of which 104 00 Euro has already been allocated. The remaining approximately 71 387 Euro (more than R1 million) is up for grabs on a first-come-first-serve basis.

All participants of previous SOLTRAIN Train-the-Trainer courses are eligible for subsidies of around 50%.


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Solar thermal magazine Solar Thermal Energy Installer Training - South Africa

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