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Solar thermal magazine Kudo Receives Granted Patent for Solar Powered iPad Case

Solar thermal magazine Kudo Receives Granted Patent for Solar Powered iPad Case LAKE MARY, FL — Kudo has recently received a granted patent from the USPTO for its solar powered iPad charging Case. The patent covers all tablets and tablet like devices. Kudo has started with an iPad mini case and an iPad Air case. Both use thin-film solar technology built into the cover along with a 5,000mAh ultra-thin battery to power the devices when sunlight is not available.

The patent covers a number of benefits that were added to the recently released iPad mini and iPad Air cases. In addition to generating power and charging an iPad simply by being in sunlight, these elegant cases are able to power a phone and most other portable electronic devices. The iPad case by Kudo can charge a phone through the case’s USB port simultaneously, even while the iPad is charging though the built-in Apple authorized lightning connector.

In the event there isn’t enough sunlight to power the case it can be fully charged with the built-in USB cable. In addition, when connected to an iTunes enabled computer the built-in charging cable is capable of syncing and backing up all the iPad’s data.

These iPad charging cases go beyond a normal case, yet still provide many of the benefits. Even with the solar and battery charging technology built into the KudoSol the thickest part of this lightweight case is still less than one inch – with the iPad inside. The magnetic cover offers convenient on/off smart screen technology to automatically put the iPad into sleep or wake mode. The cases have multiple stands for a movie viewing and keyboard position and offer a great deal of protection to the iPad itself. A list of all the features with a name brand comparison chart of other major iPad cases available can be found here: iPad mini case comparison chart or iPad Air case comparison chart.

Kudo has a number of branch applications under its granted patent. As part of their ongoing efforts to bring convenience to mobility by way of extended battery life solutions, they have also released a non-solar version of the KudoSol called the KudoBank. The KudoBank has all the same additional features to charge an iPad and mobile phone, along with a smart cover, iPad protection, and multiple stands. Both the KudoSol and KudoBank are available today. The KudoBank is offered at a reduced cost without the solar technology and is ideal for anyone who lives or works in an area without access to a lot of sunlight throughout the day yet would still like a folio case that extends the battery usage of an iPad or phone.

As a result of the granted patent Kudo is expected to use their technology towards a number of other tablets from makers such as Amazon, Google, and Nexus. As of this month the iPad mini and iPad Air cases by Kudo are available to order online at

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