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Highest Energy Efficiency Rating

Highest Energy Efficiency Rating – ( ) – In summer 2013, the extension of the LOYTEC headquarters was completed. Equipped with the LOYTEC L-ROC room automation system, the highest efficiency class A+ could be reached in course of the eu.bac system audit. This was made possible through the complete integration of the functions heating/cooling, sunblind, and lighting.

The eu.bac system audit was introduced by eu.bac, the European Building Automation Controls Association, following different EU guidelines and national laws that demand the proof of energy efficiency of buildings.

The eu.bac Certification Mark and Energy Label assures users the conformity to products and systems, defined in the European guidelines and norms. Additionally, the registered eu.bac Cert Mark symbolizes energy efficiency and quality and is furthermore the European quality label for products in the field of building automation.

In course of the certification, all rooms together with their control features, the logic connections across rooms, as well as the energy flows were depicted in the system testing tool provided by eu.bac. According to this information, the energy efficiency of the building extension was classified, and finally awarded with the highest class A+.


Founded in 1999, LOYTEC electronics GmbH today ranks among the leading European providers of intelligent network infrastructure products for building automation. There, LOYTEC exclusively relies on open and standardized communication protocols.

LOYTEC develops, manufactures, and distributes router and gateway solutions, embedded Automation Servers and I/O Controllers, the room automation system L-ROC, DALI lighting controls, and also graphical user interfaces in the form of touch panels or via PCs or mobile devices. The primary focus is on network solutions for buildings and real estate. Methods provided are a secure remote access through the internet, notification, and of course functions for data acquisition, information visualization, and data storage.

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