New Partnership Will Service Solar PV Systems Nationwide

photo credit:True South Renewables
photo credit:True South Renewables

photo credit:True South Renewables

True South Renewables Inc, a  solar operations and maintenance (O&M) provider for residential, commercial and utility scale photovoltaic systems, and Power Pro-Tech Services, Inc., a service provider for distributed power systems,  announced that the two companies have entered into a joint partnership to deliver field services on a nationwide basis.

The focus of the partnership is to deliver repair and maintenance capabilities for solar pv systems, electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE), and other power electronics equipment where both TSR and PPT have expertise. Both companies provide commissioning, maintenance, warranty and repair support across the United States. This partnership will deliver field capabilities to multiple project owners and manufacturers.

A key element of the partnership announcement is that TSR has agreed to absorb PPT field personnel in the Western Region of the United States, where TSR has the strongest concentration of solar and electric vehicle projects today. Specific markets where TSR will assume personnel are Arizona, California and Colorado. To complement TSR’s growing East Coast service reach, PPT will begin to fulfill services in Southeastern areas where TSR does not have local field capabilities.

“The demand from our customers to increase our presence and capabilities has encouraged us to enter into this partnership,” stated Rue Phillips, CEO of True South Renewables. “We are very pleased to bring on new team members from PPT with such an excellent reputation for service delivery into True South Renewables.”

In parallel with TSR acquiring PPT field personal in the West, TSR will start to utilize PPT in the East in order to broaden TSR’s service deployment reach and coverage. The strategic alignment between TSR and PPT is part of TSR’s new National Technician Dispatch program. As demand for TSR services has expanded from utility-scale and commercial solar projects to include residential solar and EVSE public infrastructure, TSR has developed the National Technician Dispatch program to rapidly capitalize on leading service providers operating in geographic markets where TSR can enhance service coverage for its customers.

“PPT’s engagement with TSR’s National Technician Dispatch is very exciting for us,” added Robert Byrne, President and CEO of Power Pro-Tech Services, Inc. “The expertise that PPT brings to the National Technician Dispatch program is a natural evolution of the expertise that we already deliver for distributed power systems, including generators, switchgear, fuel cells, inverters and photovoltaic systems.”

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